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In this webquest, you have learned about the importance of eating healthy at school and how to incorporate the different food groups into your lunchbox. You have also had the opportunity to be creative and design your own healthy lunchbox.

Now that you have completed the webquest, take a moment to reflect on what you have learned and how you can apply this knowledge in your daily life.

–  What did you enjoy most about the webquest?

–  What was the most challenging part of the webquest for you?

–  How will you use what you have learned about healthy eating in the future?

–  What are some ways that you can continue to learn about healthy eating and make healthy choices?

–  How can you support your classmates in eating healthy?

Thank you for participating in the “Healthy Lunchbox” webquest. We hope that you have gained some valuable knowledge and skills about healthy eating that you can apply in your daily life. Keep up the good work!