Process and Resources

Photo by gemma on Unsplash
Step 1: Choosing your favourite fruit or vegetable

Well, the first thing you and your classmates must complete is to choose your favourite fruit or vegetable that you want to add to your map. To help you decide your favourite fruit or vegetable, here is a little reminder of what they are: 

Step 2: Where have you come from?

Now that you have chosen your favourite fruit or vegetable it is time to see where they have come from! You didn’t think they just came from the store? Fruits and vegetables usually make big journeys before they make it to the store. Not just to your house! To help you learn a bit more about where fruit and vegetables come from, here are some links to help you:

Step 3: Explore the food journey

Once Step 2 is completed, using the internet or books (if you have any), research the different stages in the journey of your favourite. These include:

  • Farming – how are they grown?
  • Transportation – where do they go to?
  • Packaging – what kind of packaging are they placed into?
  • Distribution – do they go straight from the person growing the fruit or vegetable to the store, or does it go to a factory before going to the store?
  • Here are some examples of fruit and vegetables that you could use to help you complete this step:
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
Step 4: Create your map
  • Use a piece of paper, it can be as colourful as you want, and include details of what you have learned from completing Step 3.
  • It would be a good idea to use symbols or images that represent each stage in the journey.
  • Be as creative as you want!
  • Or if you would rather use the template provided here, that’s okay too!