Process and Resources

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Step 1: Research

Visit the following websites to research the impact of exercise on our physical and mental well-being, low-carbon examples of exercise and exercise you can do at home or school.

Step 2: Answering Questions

Answer the following questions based on your research:

1.How does exercise affect our physical well-being?

2.How does exercise affect our mental well-being?

3.What are the environmental impacts of different types of exercise?

4.How can we make our exercise routine more sustainable?

5.What are some examples of low-carbon exercises that can be done at home or school?

Step 3: Design you School Action Plan

Design an action plan to promote sustainable exercise in your community. Consider the following:

Step 4: Presentation

Present your research findings and action plan to your classmates.

In your presentation, remember to discuss the benefits of sustainable exercise for individuals and the environment and end by encouraging your classmates to take part in your action plan and make a positive impact in your community.

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