Process and Resources

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By watching the following videos and reading the information on the webpage you will know a little more about the food chain and how it can affect the environment if not implemented sustainably.


As you have seen, unfortunately very often our food system is not good for our Earth, especially due to a bad agricultural system! Perhaps it could be useful to learn more about how unsustainable agriculture affects the environment, to try to find healthier solutions for the planet and for humans beings.


Now that you understand the link between food production, agriculture and the environment, it’s time to introduce the concept of sustainable agriculture and agroecology which are fantastic solutions in terms of reducing pollution and making our food system healthier and biodiversity friendly!

Let’s have a look at these links and videos!

You are almost there…But, mmmmmhh… maybe to create a video (next step) you need to see some examples of sustainable foods to get a complete overview on this important topic. These videos can help you in this mission..


Now is your time! Let’s create a SUSTAINA-VIDEO!

You can decide if it should contain interviews, presentations, animations and so on. It’s totally up to you (and your teacher, of course!)

The video should last between 5 and 7 minutes, and will be produced by using one of the following app/tools: YOUCAT; KINEMASTER; QUIK

To know how to use them, wold be useful read the information contained in the following webpages: how to use Youcat (video explanation) how to use Kinemaster (video explanation) how to use Quik (video explanation)

All the videos and web pages above will help you focus on very important points, which you will identify, annotate and describe in your Sustaina-Video, so that you can share them with as many people as possible!