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Step 1: What is food labelling?

The first step for you and your classmates to complete is to learn a little more about food labelling. To help you to better understand these labels, you and your classmates can watch these short videos and the tip-sheets included below:

Step 2: Reading food labels

Well done, now you know a bit more about what information is contained in a food label. It is time for you and your classmates to look at some of the food that you like to eat every day! Take a look in your lunch-box, and find a food label. Read the food label and find out the following information:

  • How many servings are in the packet?
  • How many calories per serving?
  • How many carbohydrates per serving?
  • How much sugar per serving?
  • How much fibre per serving?
  • How many vitamins and minerals?
  • How much protein? 

Once you have found this information, share it with your classmates in your small group.

If you need some more help in understanding what these different terms mean, the following videos and articles might be able to help you:

What are vitamins and mineral salts? - Healthy Eating for Kids – Smile and Learn [Video]:

Step 3: Understanding what is in our favourite foods!

Wow, you have learned a lot about how to read food labels, and why these different nutrients and ingredients are important for our bodies to grow. Next, we want you to think of your favourite meal – it could be your favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner. Share your favourite meal with classmates in your group, and choose one favourite meal that you will include on your poster.

For this meal, you need to find out what the ingredients are in this meal, and also what nutritional information is in each ingredient – this is a big task! We recommend that you use the following links to find the recipe for your favourite meal, and make an ingredients list. Then, between you and your classmates, decide who will find out the nutritional information for which ingredient. You may need help from your teacher or parents for this task!

To find the recipes for your favourite meals, you can look up the following websites:


Step 4: Design your poster!

Well done, you and your team are nearly at the end of this WebQuest! Your last step is to design a poster to present all the nutritional information you have gathered about your favourite meal. In your poster, you should present your favourite meal, by highlighting all the different ingredients that go into your favourite meal, and the nutritional information you have found for each of these ingredients!

You and your classmates can work on designing your poster together, and once you have finished, you can share and present it to other groups in your class. Your teacher can then display the poster in your classroom or in the hallway of your school, so that other pupils can also learn what goes into making our favourite meals!