How do you know which foods or drinks are linked to significant plastic consumption???

This will be your task and, as a true detective, you will find the right answers! Then, you will use these to create a community brochure with useful information on the link between food and plastic consumption, to share with your family, friends, schoolmates and your entire local community!

After your teacher has divided the class into 7 groups (approx. equal in number composition), each group will be assigned a type of plastic used in the food sector (if the class is not very large, a group can also work with 2 topics). The 7 groups are:

Each group should identify the following information:

  • foods or drinks that are usually packaged / contained / used with that type of plastic assigned. Possibly, one of them has to come from the fast food sector.
  • time needed for that plastic to degrade
  • is that type of plastic reusable or not (if so how many times)?
  • percentage of recycling of that type of plastic (if it is recyclable)
  • alternatives to buy that food without that kind of plastic.

Within your group you must complete 5 activities related to the the questions above, by using and consulting the resources contained in the links provided (see below).

Then, you will report all results in the following table and use this information as the content for your brochure..