Photo from FREEPIK.COM

In the last years, we all have heard about how important it is not to waste food, in order to protect the environment and its resources such as the lands and the water.

Now it is the time to do your part and help your community (including your friends and family) understand the importance of saving the food in order not to loose precious environmental resources!

Imagine to be an environmental  activist, you have to convince your community that it is important not to waste food!

To do so, you will make a persuasive video of max. 5 minutes which will be displayed at the entrance of your school.

Together with your classmates, it will be your job to do some research and then present your arguments through this short video.

In the video you will also showcase facts, data and visual images that support your view on this topic through a brief PPT presentation.

By the end of this activity, you will have gained all the knowledge necessary to convince your friends, family and all your community to make a stronger commitment towards food waste.