Tipuri de materiale plastice (15,16)

  • PP-Polypropylene: Margarine containers and food trays for the microwave
  • PS-Polystyrene or polystyrene: Yoghurt cups, meat or fish packaging, hamburger packaging, egg cases, plastic coffee cups from machines, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronics and toys.
  • OTHER- All other plastics not belonging to any of the above categories (such as Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, ABS Styrene, etc.)
  • The melamine used for plastic plates and cups
  • PET-Polyethylene terephthalate: Soda bottles and trays of ready-to-eat food for the oven. PET residues are used for filling in jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, furniture upholstery and carpets.
  • HDPE-High density polyethylene: Milk bottles, dish detergents, garden furniture, flower containers, toys, etc.
  • PVC-Polyvinyl chloride:Food trays, transparent films, bottles for mineral water and shampoo, music trays, hangers, tiles, etc.
  • LDPE-Low density polyethylene: Bags for shopping and bin liners