CBL as…

CBL can be implemented in a variety of ways, and is designed to support other pedagogical approaches:

As a verb, CBL expresses a philosophical approach to planning, problem solving and learning.
For example: Let’s CBL it!

As a noun, CBL can be an event embedded in a learning experience or serve as a capstone experience for a course.
For example: At the end of the semester the pupils will participate in a challenge.

A verb

  • A way of thinking. 
  • Becomes central to the philosophy of the institution.
  • Organizes other educational approaches 
  • Organizes the curriculum
  • Used at all levels: planning, organizing, teaching.
  • Language permeates the institution

A noun

  • Is a challenge event (or series of events)
  • Includes a finite time span
  • Is another tool in the toolkit
  • Is used during specified point of the program
  • Is used for a specific purpose.