DBs stimulate problem-solving skills, learning and/or raise awareness on a topic:

1)Define the topicrelevant subject

2)Conceptualize a problem around the defined topic



Besides the topic,

What kind of skills do you want your learners to improve?

What competences are you going to focus on?

It will have a single or a multidisciplinar theme?

  Think about the DB aim!




Like every educational resource, DBs content should be adapted to their target-group:

  • Age
  • The relevance of the topic
  • Familariazation to visuals
  • Type of language
  • Cultural background

The storyline will be the backbone of the game Development. Consider:

  • The teaching methodology and educational parameters to achieve and how to pass the message
  • Target demographics to ensure the adequacy of the developed resources.
  • The type of story you want to develop and the narrative
  • Explain the challenges to the learners so they can pass to the next level

You can use popular films, books, or games to grab learners’ attention right at the beginning.



  • Needs to be disclosed before participating
  • Between 45 and 60 min. but should be adjusted to the DBs length and complexity
  • Time limitations are irrelevant to the educational levels or discipline areas

Considerations to design the DB as a group activity: Less than 6 players to avoid disorganization

               (Makri et. al., 2021)

Puzzles and Clues:

  • Formulate questions as digital clues for the purposes of the game using attached images, YouTube videos, hyperlinks, or links to other resources. Adapt them to the required difficulty level.


  • Choose an adequate type of response to ensure that the learning objectives are being accomplished.
  • There are types of answers available – long or short text, multiple choice, etc


  • To advance in the game, learners should get keys that allow them to complete the proposed task and open the keylock.
  • Determine how many questions learners should answer correctly to get the key
  • Determine how many keys they need to complete the task successfully