Defining CBL

Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) is a framework and a pedagogical approach.

It has emerged from the “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow—Today” (ACOT2) project initiated to identify the essential design principles of the 21st-century learning environment.

CBL framework is collaborative and hands-on, asking all participants (pupils, teachers, families and community members) to identify Big Ideas, ask good questions, identify and solve Challenges, gain in-depth subject area knowledge, develop 21st-century skills, and share their thoughts with the world.

CBL builds on the foundation of experiential learning and leans heavily on the wisdom of a long history of progressive ideas. The framework is informed by innovative ideas from education, media, technology, entertainment, recreation, the workplace, and society.

CBL is designed to be flexible, customizable and allow for multiple points of entry. The approach can connect and extend current practice, serve as the framework for specific capstone events during the school year, and act as an overarching institutional wide framework for decision making and learning.