Health effects of processed foods (6)

  • TFAs, like saturated fats, are associated with an increase in blood cholesterol. TFAs raise levels of “harmful” cholesterol (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL). TFAs also lead to increased triglyceride levels in the blood. Thus they appear to promote heart disease
  • According to scientific evidence, TFAs are harmful to health and it is recommended to reduce their consumption in trace amounts. The World Health Organization has recommended that TFA intake should be less than 1% of total caloric intake and in 2018 presented a 6-step guide to remove industrially produced TFA from the global food market.
  • Buying processed foods can lead to eating more than the recommended amount of sugar, salt and fat, as you may not know how much has been added to the food you buy and eat and how much you need.
    • Health effects of processed foods