Nutrition labels (6)

Reading nutrition labels can help in choosing between processed products and checking the fat, salt and sugar content.

We prefer products that are low in fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt.

  • Total fat

High: >17.5 g /100 g

Medium: 3g-17.5g/100g Low: 3g or less/100g

  • Saturated fat

High: >5 g / 100 g

Medium: 1.5-5g /100g Low: 1.5g or less /100g

  • Sugars

High: >22.5 g / 100 g

Medium: 5-22.5g /100g Low: 5g or less /100g

  • Salt

High: >1.5 g/100 g (or 0.6 g sodium)    

Medium: 0.3g-1.5g/100g Low: 0.3g or less/100g (or 0.1g sodium)

At present, it is not mandatory to indicate on the label the presence of TFA in a food.

However, the law requires that all packaged foods must list their ingredients on the packaging. If the ingredients list “partially hydrogenated” oil or “hydrogenated” oil, this may indicate the presence of TFA.

Also, ingredients are listed in decreasing amounts, so TFA levels are likely to be higher in a product where hydrogenated oil is listed as the first ingredient than in a product where it is listed as the last ingredient (18)