Obesity & obesity Climate Change (3)

  • A healthy and proper diet is essential for a healthy life and a clean environment.
  • According to Sustainability Times, foods are ranked by the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per 1,000 calories of food. The diets that had the lowest carbon footprints were those that relied more on greens and less on meats.
  • Red meat requires 28 times more land to produce and emits five times more greenhouse gases than other foods.
  • And yet millions around the world are consuming more and more red meat, and as a new study from China shows, overconsumption of meat can cause tens of thousands of premature deaths just from increased air pollution.
  • A study in China showed that ammonia (NH3) emissions from agricultural operations were found to have almost doubled and dietary changes are estimated to account for 63% of the increase, with meat consumption being the main factor.
  • According to the data, about 5% of the 1.83 million deaths in China are related to particle pollution and could be attributed to dietary changes. If meat were restricted, agricultural ammonia emissions would be reduced and, by extension, the harmful effects of air pollution and on the health of the entire population would be reduced.