Task to do 2

Individual and group work:

  • Starting from the following “Big Idea: “Combat single use plastic and unhealthy nutrition habits in your community school” write the:
    •   Essential Question and
    •   Guiding Questions
  • Answer why such CBL lesson would be beneficial for your pupils (what would be the advantages compared with a more traditional approach to teaching such a topic)?
  • How long do you think this CBL lesson would last with your pupils (hours, days or weeks)?
  • Share the Essential Question and Guiding Questions and the envisaged duration of your CBL lesson, with other trainees.
  • By using the Challenge Planner provided by the trainer (Annex 2.1), fill it in as much as possible and analyze it with another trainee, or be ready to share it with the whole class if the trainer nominates you…

Working time: 90 minutes