Task to do 3

Individual work:

  • Take the Challenge Planners that you designed before and adapt it to include at least one of the Wastelines educational resources (a WebQuest or a Digital Breakout).Wastelines WebQuests & Digital Breakouts may be found at: https://wastelines.eu/platform/
  • Adjust the Challenge of your former CBL-based lesson plan to accommodate the Wastelines educational resource that fit best.
  • After finishing this task, you may start sketching a new Challenge Planner, based on a Wastelines WebQuest or a Digital Breakout, but this time related to the climate change topic (not to a health/nutrition/diet topic).Working time: 30 minutes


Now that you have learned in Modules 1 and 2 about :

(1) diet & nutrition, processed food, obesity and climate change;
(2) the CBL approach (what it is; how to use CBL for designing your lesson plans) and
(3) how to implement CBL-based lessons on healthy diet & nutrition AND climate change issues

 you are prepared to go further and design new lesson plans for your students, for the topics of ‘healthy diet’ and ‘impact of single use plastics on the environment’,  which to be based on CBL and which to include the Wastelines Digital Breakouts and WebQuests. This way you will maximize the benefits of this training and the Digital Breakout and WebQuest resources the Wastelines consortium have developed!

In time, you would want to (and you will be able to!)  use CBL and Wastelines resources to address also other pertinent topics in the primary school curriculum, for example gamification of mathematics and language learning, introducing pupils to STEAM education through CBL, Digital Breakouts and WebQuests, addressing mental health and wellbeing concerns of pupils, building resilience against bullying, etc.