On average, the total fluids of a human body make up 60% of body weight. It is important to replenish losses daily, as water is one of the cornerstones of human health.

Water functions in the human body:
  • Body temperature setting
  • Protection of joints and organs from friction
  • Transport of nutrients, metabolic products and oxygen to the tissues
  • Participation in the process of breathing
  • Absorption of nutrients from the intestinal lumen
  • Elimination of potentially toxic substances from the body
  • Participation in the metabolism of nutrients

The hydration

  • Provides improved performance in gymnastics
  • Prevents fatigue, headache, dry mouth
  • Provides easier slimming
  • Provides glowing skin
  • Provides healthy hair
  • Brain protection
  • Improving mood

The intake recommendation is individualized but generally recommended for young adults is 35-40mg/kg body weight, while at least 25-30mg/kg body weight is recommended for older adults.

How much water did you drink yesterday and how much did you need?