Why is CBL significant?

  • In a practical sense, CBL activities offer many of the benefits of project-based learning, as they engage learners in real-world problems and make them responsible for developing solutions.
  • Additionally, learners have the satisfaction that comes from figuring out both the issue to be tackled and the solution they develop.
  • Because the CBL projects are generally community based, individual learners might reap the rewards of social and educational/professional interaction, while their institutions might benefit from enhanced community-school/campus relations.
  • As participants determine where a problem lies, how a solution might be effected, and how technology can be leveraged to accomplish a workable result, they learn the value of critical thinking and reflection.

  • The payoff in learner engagement and satisfaction can be high.

  • In Apple’s 2008 study of CBL, findings showed learner engagement among participating ninth and tenth graders was rated at 97% or higher and that learner involvement peaked where they perceived the solutions they worked on to be of real value.